RAS Interview Dates Update 2020 – RPSC Civil Services Exam

RAS Interview Dates Update : As we all know that earlier Rajasthan government had decided its interview dates. But due to covid-19 dates were called off . The new dates for the interview will be scheduled soon as per Rajasthan government. RPSC is recruiting its new chairman. After recruitment of ne chairman we hope Ras interview dates will be out.

RAS Interview Dates Update 2020
RAS Interview Dates Update 2020

Students should keep on practicing for their interview. It is a crucial time provided for them. They should use its each second to complete their syllabus. Govt of Rajasthan and Rpsc have not issued any clarity of dates. Right now in first week of October priority for post was filled.

RAS Interview Dates Update 2020 :

the interview will mainly comprises of questions checking your personality. some questions of current affairs. And some situations will be awarded to you. And the invigilators will check your response on various questions asked. So don’t panic if dint know answer as your face expressions means a lot in the interview.

If you are asked some tricky question or situation . You should answer it or just predict its answer. Don’t avoid the question as situation questions can be answered by Presence of Mind. And for other questions you can simply answer ” Sir I don’t know answer”. It good not to bluff.

RPSC Civil Services Exam :

We advice you to follow covid rules. As breaking covid 19 rules can simply show you as careless. Just dress formal and in simple way. Be confident and yourself. Hope for good results and you get selected.

If any one require any type of study material he can contact us for same. we are here to help our readers. This is fun working with experts and guiding you about performing in exams. We take a leave from this article but soon be back with new feeds.

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